Keston Cobblers Club - Alchemy - New CD - Released 22/04/2022

Keston Cobblers Club - Alchemy - New CD - Released 22/04/2022

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The Indie-folk band's concept album, 'Alchemy', is based on an old folk tale of The Alchemist who finds a message in a bottle from his younger self beneath Keston Ponds, in the groups hometown. The Anthem of the Alchemist tells the story of an Alchemist who dedicates his life to turning basic metals into gold, only to discover when older that the treasures he sought were always within him. Using this fable, the Cobblers set out to create an anthology of songs that would help guide the Alchemist and any other lost listener to discover their inner wealth. The album journeys from anthemic, raucous singles such as 'Find My Way', 'Rigmarole' and 'Jupiter', to the stripped, beautiful song writing of 'Lullaby for the Wide Awake', 'Eglantine' and 'Junctions'. The Cobblers also go back to what made them unique from the start, with idiosyncratic tracks such as 'No, You Are Not Alone', 'Josephine's Routine' and 'Strangers Now'.

Track Listing:

1. Anthem of the Alchemist
2. Find My Way
3. Junctions
4. Rigmarole
5. Jupiter
6. Lullaby for the Wide
7. Awake
8. The Holiday
9. Strangers Now
10. Mrs Dixon
11. Blood Runs Thicker
12. Eglantine
13. Tarantula
14. No, You Are Not Alone
15. Josephine's Routine

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