The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - The Definitive Collection Vol.1 - 2CD Album

The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - The Definitive Collection Vol.1 - 2CD Album

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A collection of great Irish songs to have a few drinks to.

All Songs performed by the Legendary Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.

The Clancy Brothers are a family of singing Irish expatriates who have been important figures in re-popularizing their native music in North America and are still among the most internationally renowned Irish folk bands. Some even credit the band as important figures in starting the folk revival of the '50s and '60s.

CD 1

1. The Wild Colonial Boy
2. The Cobbler
3. I’ll Tell My Ma
4. A Jug of Punch (Pat Clancy)
5. Marie’s Wedding
6. O’Donnell Aboo
7. Holy Ground
8. Brennan On The Moor
9. Irish Rover
10. Haul Away Joe
11. The Maid of Fyfe-e-o
12. Will ye go, Lassie Go
13. Kevin Barry
14. Old Woman From Wexford
15. The Barnyards of Delgaty
16. Johnny I Hardly Knew You
17. Bold O’Donahue
18. The Wran Song
19. The Jolly Tinker
20. McPherson’s Lament
21. The Parting Glass
22. I Know Who is Sick
23. Portlairge
24. Reilly’s Daughter (Tommy Makem)
25. Amhran Dochais
26. Finnegan’s Wake

CD 2

1. Shoal O Herring
2. Whack Fol the Diddle
3. The Bard of Armagh
4. Whiskey You’ re the Devil
5. Rothsea - O
6. Courting in the Kitchen
7. Holy Ground
8. Mountain Dew
9. South Australia
10. As I Roved Out
11. The 23rd of June
12. Paddy Doyle’s Boots
13. Rosin Bow
14. The Work of the Weavers
15. Mick McGuire
16. The Butcher Boy
17. Roddy McCorley
18. Singin’ Bird
19. The Castle of Dromore
20. Conemara Cradle Song
21. Eileen Aroon
22. The Men From the West
23. Bungle Rye
24. The Moonshiner
25. Mr Moses Ri-tooral-i-ay
26. Kitty Magee

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