UB40  - Bigga Baggariddim - New CD - Released 25/06/2021

UB40 - Bigga Baggariddim - New CD - Released 25/06/2021

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UB40's collaborations album 'Bigga Baggariddim' is the follow up to the band's critically acclaimed and internationally successful 1985 release 'Baggariddim'. 'Bigga Baggariddim' is an international celebration of Reggae, featuring New Zealand's House of Shem, India's Reggae Rajahs, reggae veterans Inner Circle, Tippa Irie, and Winston Francis, and up-comers Gilly G, Kioko, BLVK H3RO, and Leno Banton. The album also includes tracks with Pablo Rider and Slinger, who both featured on the 1985 'Baggariddim' album.

Track Listing:

1. Good Vibes Tonight - House Of Shem
2. On The Road - Tippa Irie
3. Gravy Train Is Coming - Blvk H3ro
4. Rebel Love - Inner Circle
5. Did You See That - Pablo Rider
6. You Don't Call Anymore - Kioko
7. Me Nah Leave You - Gilly G
8. Love You Now - House Of Shem
9. Mi Life - Action Slinger
10. My Best Friend's Girlfriend - Winston Francis
11. Message Of Love - House Of Shem
12. I'm Alright - Blvk H3ro
13. Show And Prove - Leno Banton
14. Whatever Happened To The Have Nots - Blvk H3ro
15. Roots Rock Reggae - General Zoo

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