Eleanor McEvoy - Stuff - New CD

Eleanor McEvoy - Stuff - New CD

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Ireland's internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Eleanor McEvoy will release her latest album 'STUFF' on the Moscodisc label on 12th May, 2014 The collection is the result of a purposeful mission by the Wexford-based singer to find and release the 'stuff' the fans wanted but couldn't find. Eleanor says, “After I'd tracked down single mixes, audiophile tracks and songs I'd written and performed on other artists records, the project soon took on a life of its own, with more tracks recorded and everything re-mastered. The album named itself STUFF.” An eleven-track miscellany, "Stuff's" tell tales of unrequited love, lust and eloquent farewell; a heady brew of caustic observation laced with wit and wry self-deprecation typical of multi-instrumentalist McEvoy, all delivered in the Irish star's rich, lilting voice. Known for touring Europe in a black Hearse, Stuff reflects the content of Dublin-born McEvoy's current live show. The album includes her soul groove, 'The Thought of You', the radio mix of the acerbic 'Deliver Me', the collaboration with Polish a cappella group Banana Boat 'Little Look' and 'Lovers Chapel', taken from Homespun's 2008 album Short Stories From East Yorkshire. The co -writer of 'Please Heart You're Killing Me' is Rodney Crowell who has just won a Grammy Award for his latest album with Emmy Lou Harris. "Stuff" also includes re-recordings of 'Take You Home' and a mournful reading of Chuck Berry's 'Memphis Tennessee', plus new track 'Milord', which McEvoy performs as a tribute to singer Edith Piaf and writer Georges Moustaki.

Track Listings:

1. The Thought Of You
2. Memphis Tennessee
3. Milord
4. Please Heart Youre Killing Me
5. Dont Blame The Tune
6. Take A Little Look (Banana Boat feat. Eleanor McEvoy)
7. Take You Home
8. Whistle For The Choir
9. Deliver Me
10. The Night May Still Be Young, But I Am Not
11. Lovers Chapel (Homespun feat. Eleanor McEvoy)

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