Eleanor McEvoy - If You Leave… - New CD

Eleanor McEvoy - If You Leave… - New CD

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Recorded in Eleanor's home city of Dublin at Cauldron Studio using an array of acclaimed Irish musicians; named the Craic Squad during the recording of this album. If You Leave… her first studio album since I'd Rather Go Blonde in 2010. Featuring 8 news songs and 4 interpretations including ""God only Knows"", ""True Colours"", and ""Lift the Wings"" from 'Riverdance’. Recorded live in the studio with some of Ireland's finest players this album of soulful performances shows Eleanor in a more bluesy neo-retro style. “Whilst I was preparing this album, I was listening to some classic 60s albums: Stones, Beatles, Beach Boys, stuff like that. Not only was there a wonderful simplicity, clarity and depth to the sound, it was a very lucky era, in which it was acceptable to be both innovative and very successful. I wouldn't presume to emulate such great music, but let us say their creativity haunted our recording,” says Eleanor. The Band, here dubbed the Craic Squad, are Jimmy Smyth, James Delaney, Eoghan O'Neill, Paul Moore and Des Lacey, along with guest contributions from Brian Connor and David Agnew and on 'Secret Of Living from Mary Coughlan, Sharon Shannon, Gemma Hayes, and Hermione Hennessy, (as written for the recent A Woman's Heart 20th anniversary Shows in Dublin)

Track Listings:

1. Land in the Water
2. Dont Blame the Tune
3. God Only Knows
4. Listen to Me
5. Ache in My Heart
6. Heaven Help Us
7. If You Leave
8. Lift the Wings
9. Secret of Living
10. I Wish You the Best
11. True Colours
12. Dust My Broom

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