Modern Farming Vol. 4 - 4DVD Boxset

Modern Farming Vol. 4 - 4DVD Boxset

  • £29.99

D. J. Strain, a farming contractor from Ballyclare works throughout the year speading slurry and cutting silage. A real insight in silage harvesting and a production sure to be popular with all those involved in farming.

The McConaghy family from outside Bushmills is one of the largest argricultural teams in the North West. This production follows them through early spring until winter. The team works with the best of modern machinery. Big time contracting on your TV screens!

D. J. McKay and Sons work throughout the year in all weather conditions and all hours battling against time and weather. Hedges are cut, dung and slurry is spread, with ploughing and planting complete, the maize is harvested and the round baling finished. 

J. D. Townley and Son is one of the oldest and largest contractors in Ireland. We see them work through a busy year cultivating and ploughing, spreading slurry and sowing a variety of crops. Silage harvesting and baling completes the farming year with a ‘Touch of Claas’

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