Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group: GOLD New 3CD - Released 16/04/2021

  • £9.99

Crimson Gold presents lonnie donegan 'Gold' The only lonnie donegan compilation you'll ever need. Lonnie donegan was a British skiffle singer songwriter, often referred to as the "King of skiffle ". During his career he achieved 31 UK Top 30 singles including three number one hits. Donegan's music has influenced numerous pop and rock musicians, including the Beatles, the Who, Mark Knopfler, and chas & Dave. This new essential compilation features 60 tracks across 3 CDs. Cd 1 opens one of donegan's best known recordings and his first single 'rock Island line'. The song shot into the UK Top ten and marked the beginning of the UK skiffle Craze. Other hit singles on this CD include 'lost John', 'don't you rock me Daddy O' And 'Cumberland gap'. Cd 2 features more of lonnie donegan's hit singles including the number one 'gamblin' Man', 'the grand coulee dam' And 'Tom dooley'. Cd 3 rounds off the set with more hits such as the number one single 'my old man's a dustman', 'does your Chewing gum lose its flavour (on the bedpost overnight?)', and 'Michael, row the boat'. Highlights are also available on a 16 track vinyl edition.

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