Johnny McEvoy - Going To California - New CD

Johnny McEvoy - Going To California - New CD

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Since he first topped the Irish charts in the mid '60s McEvoy has been one of that country's most popular and successful balladeers - and remains so, his concerts with Brendan Grace have sold out venues all over Ireland and the UK in the last couple of years. This latest album has 11 original songs, seven by McEvoy himself and four by Scottish singer Isla Grant, who is also a platinum seller in Ireland. Isla joins him on two of the tracks. The 12th selection, on which he is joined by his daughter Alice, is "When You Say Nothing At All" - the song made popular by Alison Krauss & Union Station and by Rowan Keating.

Track Listing:

1. Going to California
2. The Sailor
3. Matthew
4. Sing Me a Song
5. My Homeland
6. The Ballad Of Jack Reilly
7. Will You Walk With Me
8. Walk With Angels
9. Partners In Rhyme
10. I'd Welcome You Back
11. The Bells Of Shandon
12. When You Say Nothing at All (with Alice McEvoy)

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