Ireland's Most Popular Ceili Bands - New CD

Ireland's Most Popular Ceili Bands - New CD

  • £14.99

Track Listing:

1. Reels; The Templehouse Ceili Band

2. Bluebell Polka: Gallowglass Ceili Band

3. Reels: Sean Norman Ceili Band

4. Hornpiupes; The Fodhla Ceili Band

5. Reels; Richie Kelly Ceili Band

6. Jigs; Dermot O'Brien & Band

7. Jigs; The Siamsa Ceili Band

8. Jigs; Templehouse Ceili Band

9. The Walls of Limerick; Gallowglass Ceili Band

10. Trip To The Cottage; Sean Norman Ceili Band

11. Polka; The Fodhla Ceili Band

12. Set Dances; Richie Kelly Ceili Band

13. Reels; Dermot O'Brien

14. Jigs; Malachy Doris Trio

15. Hornpiupes; Fred Hanna Trio

16. The Maid Behind the Bar; Ardellis Ceili Band

17. Highland Hornpipe; Malachy Doris Trio

18. The Sweets of May; Fred Hanna Trio

19. Jigs; Ardellis Ceili Band

20. Waltzes; The Siamsa Ceili Band

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