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At one point in the mid-1970s, Horslips bidded to be Ireland's answer to Steeleye Span. They also had a shot at being the next Jethro Tull, Genesis, or even Yes in its folkier moments. Horslips released many superb albums along the way, becoming Ireland's most acclaimed folk-rock and progressive band. Founded in Dublin during 1970 as a quintet playing a brand of folk-based rock music whose only parallel could be found in the early work of Fairport Convention. Horslips drew on their distinctly Irish roots, and were capable of playing straight folk material when the moment called for it, but weren't afraid to turn up loud and hard, in the best art-rock style, on the right songs. Horslips stunned the 02 in Dublin and the Belfast Arena in December with their 2 ½ hour spectacular performances reminding the public that Horslips are definitely back on the scene once again.

Track Listing:


1. Furniture
2. Faster Than the Hound
3. Dearg Doom
4. Time to Kill!
5. Hall of Mirrors
6. Flower Amang Them All
7. More Than You Can Chew
8. The Snakes Farewell to the Emerald Isle
9. Nighttown Boy
10. Everything Will Be Alright
11. Trouble (With a Capital T) [Roll Back Version]
12. The Life You Save
13. Mad Pat
14. Blindman
15. The Blind Can't Lead the Blind
16. Flirting in the Shadows [Roll Back Version]
17. The Snow That Melts the Soonest


1. Warm Sweet Breath Of Love
2. Come Summer
3. Sword of Light
4. Sideways to the Sun
5. The Power and the Glory
6. Trouble (With a Capital T)
7. Rescue Me
8. Loneliness
9. The Man Who Built America
10. Long Weekend
11. Speed the Plough
12. Ghosts
13. Guests of the Nation
14. Stowaway
15. Ricochet Man
16. Ill Be Waiting
17. Dearg Doom [Acoustic Radio Version]

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