Farming Days of The Past 4 DVD Boxset

Farming Days of The Past 4 DVD Boxset

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Bringing back the good old days from many years ago. 4 hours of old time scenes for the vintage enthusiast.

‘Farming Days of the Past’ looks back on some 50 years ago as we see the traders of County Armagh bringing back the old look to the town as they dress their shop windows with old traditional wares.

Bringing back the corn harvest days in County Armagh as we cut the corn and have a traditional threshing day, reliving the 1950s.

Set amid the rolling Sperrin Hills in the Foreglan (the gateway to Glenshane) we enjoy a threshing day with a mixture of vintage machinery.

An old fashioned threshing day captures a group of vintage enthusiasts as they bring back Farming Days of the Past.