Eleanor McEvoy - Yola - New CD

Eleanor McEvoy - Yola - New CD

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A turning point in McEvoy’s musical direction. It reflected the acoustic, jazz-influenced style she had developed on stage with Brian Connor. For McEvoy it was a new departure and one that found favour with the music media. Irish Music Press described it as .... "her finest album", "a brave rejection of the predictable", "musically daring....beautifully atmospheric". International press lauded it as "a back to basics triumph", "beautifully restrained", "a classic", and "McEvoy’s best release to date"

Track Listings:

1. I Got You to See Me Through
2. Isnt It a Little Late?
3. Did I Hurt You?
4. Seasoned Love
5. The Rain Falls
6. Dreaming of Leaving
7. Easy in Love
8. Last Seen October 9th
9. Leaves Me Wondering
10. I Hear You Beathing In
11. Something So Wonderful

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