Celtic Serenity - Reflections - New CD Album

Celtic Serenity - Reflections - New CD Album

  • £13.99

Meditative Celtic Music to soothe and calm

Curated and composed especially for the Celtic Collections label, ‘Journey’ and ‘Reflections’ are the latest in the Celtic Serenity series of Celtic-inspired meditative albums.

The harp leads us back to the centre of our being. From the opening “Deep Blue Dawn” to the gently up lifting finale of “At Last”.

These evocative and meditative tracks provide a soothing escape for anyone with a busy lifestyle… As a complete piece they form the ideal backdrop for a yoga session or relaxation treatment. Sit back, relax and enjoy

Track Listing:

1. Deep Blue Dawn (Revival)
2. Drift (Free Floating)
3. Closer (Healing)
4. Early Sun (Rejuvenation)
5. Deep Sleep (Inmost Calm)
6. Mother's Lullaby (Soothing Senses)
7. Solace (Restoration)
8. Walking Dream (Peaceful Passages)
9. Whispering Stones (Tranquility)
10. At Last (Final Stillness)

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