Celtic Serenity - Journey - New CD Album

Celtic Serenity - Journey - New CD Album

  • £13.99

These gentle compositions with simple piano melodies will ease your heart and soul. Ten evocative and meditative tracks provide a soothing escape for anyone with a busy lifestyle… As a complete piece, they form the ideal backdrop for a yoga session or relaxation treatment. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Track Listing:

1. Memory of a Stranger (Reflections)

2. Autumn Stars (Harmonious Calm)

3. One Breath (Simplicity)

4. Awakening (Rebirth)

5. Early Shimmering Light (Radiant Consciousness)

6. Dancing Shadows (Pulsing Movements)

7. Slow Clouds on a Deep Sea (Drifting Home)

8. Blazing Sun (Realisations)

9. Silence (Contemplations)

10. Memory of Home (Returning)

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