Border Counties Vintage Grassmen - New DVD

Border Counties Vintage Grassmen - New DVD

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On the 4th June 2017 over the June bank holiday weekend, a large crowd of people from all over the country took part in the big silage cutting event in Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan.

With over 50 vintage harvesters taking part in the event, they cut close to 17 acres of silage on the day.

A range of both trailed and self-propelled vintage harvesters were on show. Spectators were afforded the opportunity to witness classic single-chop, double-chop and precision-chop harvesters in action at the event.

As well as silage harvesting, vintage mowing bars and vintage hay making machines were also demonstrated. Bales of hay - which had been made earlier in the year- were rolled out for the hay making demonstration, as the weather wasn't good enough to make hay over the weekend.

We hope you enjoy this DVD about the memorable event at Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan.

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