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Crimson Gold presents Boney M. 'Gold', the only compilation you'll ever need. Boney M. Was one of the most successful pop groups of the 1970s, selling over 100 million Records worldwide and charting 3 consecutive no. 1 albums. With their catchy tunes and flamboyant performances, their worldwide hits are a constant feature at weddings and parties. This 3CD collection is a definitive career spanning set from 1976 through to updated mixes in 2010. Boney M. 'Gold' Contains 49 tracks, with a remarkable 15 top 40 UK singles - ten top 10 hits - including their double-million-selling no. 1 hits 'Rivers of Babylon'/'Brown girl in the ring' And 'Mary's Boy child'/'oh my Lord', 'Daddy cool', 'sunny', 'Ma Baker', 'rasputin', 'hooray! Hooray! It's a holi-holiday' And 'gotta go home'. CD1 includes their massive hits 'Daddy cool', 'sunny', 'Ma Baker', 'no Woman no Cry', 'Belfast' And 'hooray! Hooray…..' along with later singles and key album tracks. CD2 includes further hits 'painter man', 'Rivers of Babylon', 'gotta go home', 'Brown girl in the ring', 'rasputin', as well as the classic underground track 'he was a steppenwoolf' And the relevant 'we Kill the world (don't Kill the world)' damaged planet-concerning single. CD3 features later singles, a range of remixes, an extended megamix and five Festive songs.

Track Listing:


1. Daddy Cool

2. Sunny

3. Ma Baker

4. No Woman No Cry

5. Belfast

6. Dancing In The Streets (7" Version)

7. El Lute (7" Version)

8. Kalimba De Luna (7" Version)

9. Ribbons Of Blue

10. Bahama Mama (7" Version)

11. I'm Born Again (7" Version)

12. Children Of Paradise

13. Jambo - Hakuna Matata (No Problems) (7" Version)

14. Somewhere In The World (7" Version)

15. Young, Free And Single (7" Version)

16. 10,000 Lightyears

17. Boonoonoonoos

18. Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday (7" Version)


1. Rivers Of Babylon

2. Gotta Go Home (7" Version(

3. Brown Girl In The Ring

4. Rasputin (7" Version)

5. Baby, Do You Wanna Bump

6. I See A Boat On The River (7" Version)

7. Exodus (Noah's Ark 2001) (7" Version)

8. The Carnival Is Over (Goodbye True Lover) (Original Single Version)

9. My Chérie Amour

10. Still I'm Sad

11. He Was A Steppenwolf

12. Future World

13. Chica Da Silva

14. My Friend Jack

15. We Kill The World

16. Consuela Biaz [Single Version]

17. Painter Man


1. Ma Baker/Somebody Scream [Sash! Radio Edit] Boney M v Horny United

2. Sunny (Mousse T. Sexy Disco Radio Mix)

3. Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman) (Radio Mix)

4. Happy Song

5. Papa Chico (Radio Version)

6. Stories (Radio Mix)

7. Bang Bang Lulu (7" Version)

8. Gadda-Da-Vida (7" Version)

9. Magic Mega Mix 2006 (Contains a sample of: Gotta Go Home, Rasputin, Sunny, Ma Baker, Daddy Cool)

10. Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord (7" Version)

11. Little Drummer Boy

12. White Christmas

13. Feliz Navidad

14. Jingle Bells

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