Sharon Shannon & Alan Connor - In Galway - New CD+DVD

Sharon Shannon & Alan Connor - In Galway - New CD+DVD

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In Galway' is the latest live CD from the prolific Sharon Shannon who is joined on the CD and DVD combo by Dublin multi-instrumentalist, Alan Connor.

This duo produces no small acoustic sound. Connor whose background is firmly in rock and blues (citing Rory Gallagher as a big influence) is equally proficient on piano and electric guitar. He also plays stomp, which creates a driving groove and with the use of loops creates a big brash sound.

1 The Bungee Jumpers
2. Coridinio
3. Rathlin Island
4. The Midnight Special/Windchime
5. Little Bird
6. Reel Beatrice
7. The Woodchoppers
8. Neckbelly/Gaffo's Ball
9. Duo In G
10. Cavan Potholes
11. Blackbird
12. James Brown's March/Mouth Of The Tobiqu
13. The Galway Girl/Music For A Found Harmonium
14. The Shining
15. Sandy River Bell

Same track listing as CD

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