Alan Kelly - After the Morning - New CD Album

Alan Kelly - After the Morning - New CD Album

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It must be the piano accordion as against the usual Irish button-key but this sounds much smoother. and relaxed.
A strong set of friends support and there's is a broad 'Celtic' range - from Burns to Brittany that will appeal to lots of you.
Well worth a listen.

Track Listing:

1) Jigs: After the Morning - The Night Owl
2) Reels: The Mountain Top - The Jolly Tinker
3) Song: I Hung Up My Harp In the Willows
4) Eolann
5) Reels: Sally Ann's - Sally Ann's A Gal I Like
6) Waltz & Jig: Siena Waltz - Her Broken Leg
7) Reels: Bill Hoare's Reel - The Rookery
8) Song: Caledonia
9) Jota Da Maia
10) La Ballade - Tunes & Reel: Tana - Duet Mat Oc'h - An Crabhran
11) Breton Set: Son ar Rost - Gavotte Montagne - Dans Londieg
12) New Year's Day

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