UFO - Force It (Deluxe Edition) - New 2CD - Released 10/09/2021

UFO - Force It (Deluxe Edition) - New 2CD - Released 10/09/2021

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Originally released in 1975, Force It is UFO’s fourth studio album. Produced by Ten Years After’s Leo Lyons, it was their first album to chart in the US and enabled the band to kick up a rockier gear.

CD: Containing many classic tracks still in their live set today, such as “Shoot Shoot” and “Let It Roll”, this newly re-mastered version includes the Record Plant live set and bonus track “A Million Miles”.

Track Listing:

CD1: (2021 Remaster)
1. Let It Roll
2. Shoot Shoot
3. High Flyer
4. Love Lost Love
5. Out in the Street
6. Mother Mary
7. Too Much of Nothing
8. Dance Your Life Away
9. This Kid's Between the Walls
10. A Million Miles

CD2: (Live at Record Plant, NYC, 1975 / 2021 Remaster)
1. Intro
2. Let It Roll
3. Doctor Doctor
4. Oh My
5. Built For Comfort
6. Out In The Street
7. Space Child
8. Mother Mary
9. All Or Nothing
10. This Kid's
11. Shoot Shoot
12. Rock Bottom

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