The Tea Street Band - Frequency - New CD Album - Pre Order 09/11/2018

The Tea Street Band - Frequency - New CD Album - Pre Order 09/11/2018

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Over their time together, Liverpool’s The Tea Street Band have created something of a cult following across the UK. Yet, further afield, during their debut album campaign, the band travelled as far as Seoul, Europe, Australia, and America.

The band have gained support from tastemakers such as Huw Stephens, John Kennedy, Janice Long, Clint Boon, and Rob Da Bank. The band now return with their second full-length record, Frequency, which is due out November 2018, via their new home, ModernSky UK.

Of the new record, the band said: "Frequency was recorded " over twelve months at Parr Street Studios with Chris Taylor in a way that worked with us and our lives. Now its finished we're really proud of it, we got there. I feel we have progressed as a band with this album, the band has moved forward. The writing process was different than the first album, we wrote it together, with all of us having a massive input on each song, the title and the art work (Photo By John Johnson, Designed by Dom Foster) its all of ours. There's an over riding theme lying within each song on the album and the concept. But we'll let the listener decide what they think a tune or the albums about for them. We have all pushed each other musically and that can be heard on songs like "Sacre Couer and Marseille Blues"
Recorded in Parr Street Studios with Chris Taylor (Ian Brown, Millburn), Frequency sees the band retain a sound they are known for, but does see them venture into a more refined, electronic sound.
This new album is the sound of a band who have found their sound, but are unwilling to settle.
Frequency does as every great second album does. It has the sonic moniker of a successful debut album, whilst showcases a band who are constantly pushing for more.

The Tea Street Band are formed of Timo Tierney on vocals and guitar, Nick Otaegui on bass and vocals, Lee Smith on guitar and synth and Dom Allen on drums

Track Listing:

1. Givin' It Back
2. Hearts Collide
3. Enter The Void
4. Frequency
5. Taken It All
6. Sacré - Coeur
7. Only Love
8. Feel It
9. Coming Up
10. BFYH
11. Marseille Blues