Various Artists - Féile Classical - New CD+DVD Album - Pre Order 23/11/2018

Various Artists - Féile Classical - New CD+DVD Album - Pre Order 23/11/2018

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Billed as Féile Classical, the 'Trip to Tipp' returned to Semple Stadium, Thurles, on Friday September 21st and Saturday September 22nd this year. The two-day event, however, was in a completely different league from its heyday of 1990-1994.

Back in those pre-internet/smartphone/social media days, all you had for festival fare were ham 'n' cheese sandwiches, crates of beer, flasks of tea, flimsy tents, burger 'n' chips, and toilets so basic you had to hover over the seats. Féile was a no-frills festival, but it didn't matter because you knew no different. There were no parents around, and you were going to see a rake of rock bands, one after the other. For three whole days.

Féile Classical is the upgrade we knew would eventually arrive in the era of comfort and cosseting: watching several of the original Trip to Tipp bands perform alongside the Irish Chamber Orchestra in a fully seated stadium, garlanded with a wide range of food stalls and drinks bars. Glamping, not camping, was made available for those that weren’t staying in nearby hotels. As for the toilets? They flush!

Feile Classical contains 12 Tracks, recorded over the 2 nights in Tipperary. The album features the best of Irish Music from the Era.

The Stunning, An Emotional Fish, Hothouse Flowers, The 4 Of Us and The Frank And Walters