Old Ireland - Irish Ways In Bygone Days DVD Deluxe Edition with Bonus Feature "Poteen Making" Filmed on Location in Ireland Narrated by the Irish Historian George Dallas

  • £11.99

Old Ireland - Irish Ways In Bygone Days is a Deluxe Edition DVD looking back at the past and includes a Bonus Feature on 'Poteen Making'.

A nostalgic look at the way life was in Ireland in Bygone Days, you will be able to reminisce back with fond memories of a simpler way of life and relive what it was like to grow up in Ireland in the past. This DVD features Farming Life in Old Ireland, The Irish Family, Working On The Farm, Potato Planting, Turf Cutting, Tea On The Bog, The Traveller, The Irish Wedding, Irish Ceili Night/Irish Dancing, The Wake, The Storyteller, Hay Making, All Saints Night, Sheep, The Sheep Dog and more...

Filmed on Location in Ireland this Deluxe Edition DVD includes a Bonus
Feature Irish 'Poteen Making' and is narrated by Irish Historian
George Dallas.


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