Michael Collins Commemoration Coin In a GPO 1916 gift box

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Michael Collins, Irish Political Leader "The Big Fella" (1890-1922) Commemoration Coin in a Easter Rising 1916 silver illustration in a green gift box. 

Easter Rising 1916 Gift to Commemorate the Passion of a Nation's Fight for Freedom to end 800 years of  British Occupation of Ireland. 

The Freedom To achieve Freedom 

In the Easter 1916 Rising Michael  served as Joseph Plunkett's aide-de-camp at the rebellion's headquarters in the GPO, Dublin. He fought alongside the other leaders Patrick Pearse , James Connolly ,  Sean MacDiarmada, Joseph Plunkett, Eamon Ceannt , Thomas James Clarke and Thomas McDonagh who were brutally executed by the British Forces. 


The  coin in coloured in a green , sliver and gold image of Michael Collins  


Irish Revolutionary Leader - Politician - Soldier - Patriot - Commander in Chief  - Guerrilla Warfare Strategist - Minister of Finance 

The coin in presented in a plastic capsule which is placed inside the gift box. 

Michael Collins is one of Ireland's greatest patriots. He dedicated his life to achieving Irish freedom and self rule for the Irish Nation. He set the course of history with the goal of a sovereign and independent Irish Nation, As a nation we are indebted to Michael and those many men and woman who would help Ireland achieve an Irish Nation that is proud of its Irish Culture and Irish language. A proud  nation that cast off British colonialism  and now stands as a proud country with its strong self esteem that stands beside the other nations of the world who watched  what the Irish had done and did the same to achieve their own freedom and rid their nation of the colonialists. 
There is no doubt that without Michael Collins, Ireland and many other nations would not have achieved their freedom and who now stand among the nations of the world as  free and independent states. 

“He comes from a brainy Cork family.” from a file in Dublin Castle that Coliins found himself 

Ideal Gift or for keepsake
Designed in Ireland 
Beautifully presented in a 1916 green gift box
A 3D green , sliver and gold coin in a clear plastic capsule
  • This beautiful gold and silver plated coin has been specifically designed to commemorate Michael Collins & the 1916 Rising in Ireland
  • Inscriptions on the front and back and all writing and images are embossed and are clear and sharp.
  • The Irish National Flag is embossed on the coin  in full colour against the back drop of the GPO the headquarters of the 1916 rebellion in Dublin. 





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